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Consensus 2018: Mammoth Turnout on Opening Day as Parody Protesters March Outside the Cryptocurrency Conference

Osato Avan-Nomayo · May 14, 2018 · 9:00 pm

The 2018 Consensus Conference is underway in New York. Already, this year’s event seems to be even more colorful than previous with protesters staging a march outside the summit venue. The turnout so far is impressive with the usual logistical issues that are common in large gatherings such these.

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Parody Protests Outside

While experts and crypto enthusiasts are engaging in the conference outside, some bizarre scenes are taking place outside. Scores of protesters bearing placards and banners are staging a “demonstration” on the streets. Alas, the individuals are part of the “Bankers Against Bitcoin” movement. Despite their name, these guys aren’t crypto critics. They are, in fact, trying to raise awareness of what the coming blockchain dominant future will look like. The demonstrators hold aloft signs with inscriptions like “we thought this was a bubble” and “free Jamie Dimon.” Some chant hilarious marching songs like “Hey, hey, Ho, ho. Blockchain has got to go.” According to the manifesto on the group’s website:

This protest is representative of what will happen to those industries and companies that fail to understand times have changed. Legacy industries that have gone unchallenged for decades will soon begin to see their monopoly slip away. The consumer abuse that’s been possible due to a lack of competition is over. The biggest competitor big banks have ever faced has arrived, and it’s not a company or organization, it’s a decentralized technology.

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