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Ether Universe with 180k+ fans raised 117% in Angel Round

Ether Universe with 180k+ fans raised 117% in Angel Round 9469

The Ether Universe (ETU) project has gained attention from international enthusiasts of blockchain technology. Within only 30 days since launch, its community grew to a size of 180k people, ranking top 8, merely be inferior to pop-star projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS.

Since Ether Universe angel round started, 5000 ETH were raised in 10 days, incredible speed! The investors are primarily from South Korea and a lot of venture capitals have competed for investment quota. Now, the angel round has raised 117% of the expected cap. (The angel round is closed and you cannot invest through smart contract transfer any more.)

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Ether Universe is the world’s first high-performance cross-chain project over EOS.IO. It will establish a distributed financial infrastructure to connect isolated blockchain networks and it will be an important commercial application which is to enable the decentralized cross-chain asset liquidity.

According to the project’s website, it has demonstrated several refreshing features, including:

  • Supports 700+ cryptocurrency. The platform is compatible with most blockchain networks. It supports the cross-chain interactions across Bitcoin-like, Ethereum ERC20/21-based, bts-based and EOS-based cryptocurrencies.
  • High-speed transactions. The system can allow up to 1M transactions per second and verify transactions within 5 seconds.
  • Robust cybersecurity. The firewalls may resist DDoS attacks up to 13 TB/s at bandwidth, and 50% super nodes being alive will be enough to keep the system working.
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Ether Universe features its original concept of the “guarantor + sidechain blending” technology. The mechanism allows sidechains to achieve high-efficiency communications and allows guarantors to achieve fast value-exchanging. It’s pretty innovative.

The blending technology has a natural advantage to reduce transaction cost and time. The network may undertake up to 10,000 transactions per second, and the transaction should be less than $0.01, approximately only 10% of the transaction fee on exchange markets….

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