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Ex-JPMorgan Chase Blockchain Duo Unveil New Startup Clovyr

A few weeks after leaving their jobs in April, Amber Baldet and Patrick Mylund Nielsen are eating deviled eggs at a bar in Brooklyn as they prepare to reveal details about their next act for the first time. On a building a few blocks north, the blue, octagonal logo of their former employer, JPMorgan Chase, is perfectly framed within the sliver of skyline that’s visible from the street.

Baldet, who most recently served as the bank’s blockchain program lead, is cofounding a new startup, Clovyr, that aims to help consumers, developers, and businesses explore the nascent, albeit burgeoning, world of blockchain-based, decentralized technologies, she tells Fortune. She is joined by Nielsen, former lead developer of Quorum, a JPMorgan Chase-built blockchain for business, who will serve as the concern’s chief technologist.

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Baldet unveiled a Clovyr demo at the Consensus conference in Manhattan on Monday afternoon. The company is in the process of fundraising.

Clovyr’s product, now under development, is slated to take the form of something akin to an app store, where people and businesses can experiment with a multitude of decentralized apps and services, developer toolsets, and underlying distributed ledgers. The cofounders envision the platform serving as a neutral ground, offering a browser-like dashboard for the blockchain-curious, through which Clovyr can provide support and other services to customers according to their needs.

Informing the duo’s mission is a belief in the inevitable, creeping convergence of public (Bitcoin-like) and “permissioned” (private, business-friendly) blockchains. Baldet compares businesses’ cautious approach to this brave new world to their leeriness when evaluating public clouds, like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, in years past.

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“When public cloud started to be a thing, a lot of businesses said, Oh, cloud,…

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