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Great to Hold, Difficult to Spend

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We are witnessing a spring when it comes to cryptocurrencies. More and more people are discovering digital currencies, with exchanges adding more than 100,000 users per day in some cases. Yet, the one thing that every crypto user knows is that the use of cryptocurrency at the till requires some ingenuity. It is not that these currencies will never emerge as a cash replacement; rather, it is just that it is challenging to use them as cold hard cash as of today. Tim Draper, who is known to be an early investor in successful ventures such as Hotmail and Skype as well as Tesla, told Forbes, “In five years, you are going to try to go buy coffee with fiat currency and they’re going to laugh at you because you’re not using crypto.”

There have been attempts to solve the usability problems of cryptocurrencies, either through the way of directly trying to accept cryptocurrencies or by the usage of legacy methods such as debit cards. Yet there have been some serious stumbling blocks and obstacles when it comes to acceptability. A comprehensive payment solution by FuzeX is now on the horizon, which encompasses cryptocurrency, credit, debit and reward accounts and provides a one card fits all solution and experience to users.

The masterkey of payments

As consumers get more payment options, the burden of carrying diverse set of cards and remembering different PINs and passwords is also on the paying public. FuzeX aims to simplify that conundrum. They have arrived with a solution that is both informative and enabling via combination of major payment methods: a card that is coupled with an e-paper display that shows relevant payment information, such as QR codes and exchange rates for cryptocurrencies. There is a possibility of storing up to 15 cryptocurrency accounts, and it plans to include credit, debit and reward cards in the future. The card has features like two-factor authentication, loss prevention and on-card key to make transactions more secure and safe. FuzeX card also comes with an EMV chip, that means transactions can be secured by PIN. The physical features of the card include a rechargeable battery, physical buttons and a magnetic strip. The accompanying FuzeX wallet allows for registration and is a gateway into the FuzeX ecosystem. The wallet app even allows for tracking of the…

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