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How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Future Cars

The future’s cars have long since moved from our imagination into the real world. High-profile successes and failures have created a polarized discussion surrounding the industry’s outlook, but no conclusions have emerged.

As more automakers contemplate the direction of the industry, there are still too many unanswered questions. For one, companies continue to focus exclusively on their cars, and not on the ecosystem they drive in. Even so, the emergence of blockchain as a viable way to store and communicate data seamlessly are promising additions to the equation.

The key ingredient in successful autonomous vehicle deployment is creating environments that foster two-way communication between cars and their supporting infrastructure. While the Internet of Things and smart cities have taken this in a positive direction, blockchain technology delivers a significant upgrade that could revolutionize the future of driving.

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Connecting Cars and Cities

One of the biggest barriers to autonomous cars entering the mainstream is the fact that they are still not connected enough to their surrounding environment. While cars can perceive millions of data points per second, they must view them in isolation and without context.

Using IoT devices improves this functionality significantly as they can collect and communicate crucial contextual data to cars to improve their performance. This includes information about road conditions, traffic accidents, and other cars on the road that could affect a vehicle’s ability to drive.

Even so, IoT devices remain bound by the limitations current technology imposes on them. Centralization makes data vulnerable, and the inability to communicate data rapidly between points reduces its usefulness in real-time situations. However, blockchain technology can significantly enhance the status quo.

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SAE International’s Levels of Driving Automation for On-Road Vehicles

Source: SAE International

An advantageous benefit blockchain brings to the table is the ability to spread data more efficiently and rapidly. Driverless cars must…

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