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IDM Launches Their Highly Protected Distributed Storage Service

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Bitcoin Press Release: IDM Protect decentralised storage service is ready for production. The service is a response to most important data security challenges. The innovative solution combines modern distributed architecture and unique competitive advantage – the SIZE algorithm.

April 10th, 2018. Zug, Switzerland: Data storages deal with two main threats unauthorised access and data loss. To solve the first problem they use encryption, which should prevent anyone who is not meant to access the data stored. In reality, cryptography is not as good as we want it to be: hackers can break encryption keys; as for other codes, they will be broken in the near future by upcoming quantum computers. The second concern is data loss. Centralised data storages can be physically damaged. Hackers and authorities can block or destroy the data. Therefore, even traditional cloud data centres and replication methods cannot protect your data from loss.

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The IDM Protect service solves both of these problems.

The solution’s architecture guarantees post-quantum protection, fault tolerance, and highly distributed storage – the architecture is independent of any cloud provider. The core of the system is the innovative and patented the SIZE algorithm. The algorithm helps to store data with maximum reliability and security, both in terms of protection against unauthorised access and prevention against data loss. The data is protected at the level of an Ideal Secrecy System that cannot be hacked. The reliability of storage achieves an unprecedented level: for example, with the expansion of the network, it is possible to lose up to 98% of stored files and then recover the original file without any corruption.

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The SIZE algorithm implements a new method of correction codes.

It splits the source data into small packages and converts each package into shards with additional data generated. Each of these individual packages has no functional meaning and does not even contain a single bit of the original data. To restore the original data, you have to reassemble a complete file from a set of packages in…

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