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SuchApp Captures the Attention of Global Top-Tier Investors Who Realize the Platforms Potential

Bitcoinist.net · May 17, 2018 · 9:00 pm

SuchApp has been at the forefront of promoting mainstream adoption of Blockchain technology such that now the platform has managed to capture the exclusive interest of a billionaire society looking to invest in the Blockchain enabled application.

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After a recent meeting by the 20 charter member society in Monaco to learn more about SuchApp (a first of its king 5g messenger application), the billionaire society that is worth over $89 billion, has realized the potential for SuchApp as a tool that could be used to enhance day to day communication as well as enhance business and government functionality and efficiency. In addition, the society also laid down strategies to enable implementation of SuchApp’s innovation in its new business model.

SuchApp managed to impress the members of the society to an extent where a decision was made by the society to exclusively base the organization’s communications on SuchApp even though it was the first time ever for the 20 charter member society to decide to invest in a Blockchain initiative.

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According to Ronny Shany, who is SuchApp’s CEO, the company is “Thrilled that these extraordinarily savvy individuals were able to recognize the potential that” SuchApp” brings to the market.” He further added that the group of billionaires “hosts exclusive high net worth business networking events around the world, and moving forward SuchApp will be the only social networking platform that they will use to do so”

Plans were also made to have the elite society take up SuchApp’s private group…

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