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The First Blockchain-Based State: Decenturion

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At the 2018 Consensus conference in New York, the world’s first decentralized blockchain-based state – Decenturion – will be unveiled. Unlike other states, the state of Decenturion does not support its existence through taxation, but was created to help its citizens prosper in the blockchain era.

The residents of this new blockchain-based state will form two separate but complimentary categories: The individual citizen who will exist as a physical resident, and the startup as a legal resident. The founding 100 citizens of Decenturion will come from the most important visionaries in the blockchain sector and from prominent tech journalists.

As in fiat-based societies, in Decenturion citizens will be assigned roles in the makeup of the civic structure. The number of Decenturion tokens that an individual owns will determine their specific role in the new society. But this will not create a hierarchical structure of elites and servants of social structures as in the past. Decenturion is a state which values its citizens, and will reward them in the form of tokens from startups who are admitted to Decenturion.

The first physical passports will be issued at the Consensus Conference in New York, and these passports along with future passports issued will provide the citizen with the following rights: The right to receive startup tokens proportional to the number of Decenturion tokens that the citizen owns; the right to sell startup and Decenturion tokens in a free decentralized marketplace; and the right to bring in new citizens to the blockchain state of Decenturion.

Decenturion will be an attractive destination for startups to become legal residents. By joining the state, they will be able to distribute tokens to the citizens – bringing them into direct interaction with the populace of Decenturion, who consist of blockchain journalists, enthusiasts, token distributors and other important figures in the sector. Thus, startups will be able to establish a much wider and diverse range of clientele than possible via a traditional ICO. Through this free distribution of tokens, the startup will immediately become an integrated part of the economy and marketplace of Decenturion – and flourish alongside with fellow residents of Decenturion. Here startups whose tokens are backed by…

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