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Vanig International Launches World’s First Integrated E-Commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain

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Bitcoin Press Release: Vanig International, (Vanig) is proud to announce the launch of its integrated E-Commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem.

May 9th 2018 Charlestown, Nevis – E-Commerce is projected to triple by 2030 while today the gross total value of B2B E-Commerce topped $20 trillion in 2017.  Vanig is addressing this sizable market place with outreach to emerging and established economies.

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Key features of Vanig:

Vanig is the world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain.

  • Vanig addresses several significant Supply Chain and E-Commerce challenges and inefficiencies, providing a higher level of brand experience.
  • Vanig’s Supply Chain ecosystem leverages the latest in blockchain technology using HyperLedger’s Sawtooth technology.
  • Vanig simplifies the E-Commerce experience and its embedded Supply Chain, eliminating intermediaries, reducing friction and manual processes as it ushers in a new level of transparency.
  • The Vanig platform is safe, secure, and user-friendly, benefiting all members of the ecosystem and allows cryptocurrency payments.
  • Vanig provides provenance information on products, increasingly an essential consumer ask, it is fully integrated in our ecosystem.
  • Vanig uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make advertising effective, to certify sellers and provide a customized shopping experience for the buyers.
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Vanig was launched successfully in early April with massive participation from the community.  Vanig team is now joined by over 20K unique members on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

Vanig’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is getting closer to release. MVP development integrating Ethereum and Hyperledger Sawtooth, adding self-sovereign identity authentication & verification to the platform is complete.

The Vanig team continues to expand with experts from different fields joining the team. Here are some of the recent additions –

  • David Drake has joined Vanig, founder of LDJ Capital with $1.5 trillion of assets under management. David will assist Vanig with…

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